Are Smartwatches Worth It?

There is no need to convince you of how strongly a modern person depends on mobile communication and the unpleasantness they experience when unable to answer a call in time or when having missed an urgent SMS.

To solve this problem, multifunctional companions appeared – smartwatches that are associated with the phone and are very convenient to use, as they are miniature and always at hand, or rather on your wrist.

However, what is this gadget really capable of?

In this article we answered the question: Are Smartwatches Worth It? If you are still not sure whether it is worth buying smartwatches, then after reading the article you can answer this question yourself.

Are Smartwatches Worth It?

1. Call Management

This feature allows you to accept or reject an incoming call, transfer the call to the speakerphone, mute the microphone and even provide information about the caller and the duration of the call. Also, you can check the call history.

Standalone smartwatches can make calls. With a headset, you do not even need to get a smartphone out of your pocket.

2. Receive notifications

One of the main uses of smartwatches is to use them as a gadget for receiving notifications – like a mini-pager. In the clock settings, the user can set the preferred applications that send notifications to the smartwatch. This feature allows you to receive notifications from social networks, SMS, messages from Hangouts, WhatsApp Messanger or Viber without needing your smartphone.

3. Managing music

Smartwatches can adjust the volume, switch audio recordings, run and manage music applications on your phone.

4. A hunting and fishing buddy

Smartwatches for men who love fishing and hunting can become an indispensable gadget. They play the role of an auxiliary tool to more accurately determine the most favorable conditions for fishing.

These watches fit well on the hand and do not be afraid to splash or submerge them, as some are waterproof. They have important functions: barometer, compass, angler schedule, moon phases, stopwatch, alarm clock, and others.

5. Reading e-books

Using the menu, you can open a text file without getting your phone out of your pocket. The watch recognizes text in text format. For handy incognito use of notes and cheat sheets, press the watch’s button once to back to the normal operation which saving space in the file for reopening. You can set the font size, the size of the line spacing or paragraph, and the color of the backlight.

6. Wrist Navigator

It is very convenient to use smartwatches for navigation, as the application working with online maps will give you a new instruction along the route as soon as you pass the next checkpoint. The screen also displays the speed, the distance to the next point and the required maneuver.

7. Sticky Notes

Sticky notes allow you to send small text notes to watches that look like notifications. An indispensable app to save a list of necessary purchases in the supermarket.

8. Messenger

Respond to received SMS or messages from other applications, using prepared templates or typing text right on your watch. The dialing method is a bit similar to T9, so you can learn how to type fast enough. Such a function will be useful in the cold, during rain or driving.

9. Camera control

Using the watch, you can easily control the camera on your smartphone, take a photo, start or stop video recording, set a timer, or select with or without flash.

10. Universal gadget

It’s hard to describe everything that smartwatches can do in one article. Their capabilities are so multifaceted that they can proudly bear the title of a universal gadget, the tasks for which you personally set.

For example, you can configure a different screen for each situation or time of day, set the backlight on and off, and change the application windows between each other with a wave of your hand. There are many specific customizations available too, such as setting an individual function for each of the watch buttons and using them as a remote control to control the phone. You can also specify the action that the phone should perform depending on how long you hold down certain buttons.

11. Token for two-factor authentication

If all previous applications served for the user’s convenience, then using the watch as a mobile authenticator to generate one-time passwords for passing two-factor authentication is not a luxury, but a necessity. Protection has developed a special Protection Smart application that allows you to use your smartphone, as well as an Android Smartwatch as a generator of one-time passwords.


The first generation of smartwatches looked like an attempt to transfer part of the capabilities of a smartphone to a wristwatch. These devices were often perceived as an exotic gadget and generally raise many questions. However, today, smartwatches are something quite different.

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