Best Apple Watch Screen Protectors (Review) In 2020

The Demystifying Digital team selected the best apple watch screen protectors to protect your Apple Watch.

We were surprised by the huge number of similar products that are difficult to distinguish from each other, but in the end, we have compiled a list of 10 unique products.

We have allocated each feature to a purpose so that you can easily make a choice. If it is not clear to you, then we have prepared a buying guide that will help you.

Let’s start.

The Best Apple Watch Screen Protector

When choosing the best apple watch screen protector there are some difficulties. Due to the low price of the product, it is not terrible to make a mistake, but we still hope to help you avoid it. Here are the Demystifying Digital’s top protective films, glass, and covers for 2020:

1. LK Best Apple Watch Screen Protector

LK apple watch screen protector has long established itself in this area and confidently holds the position of the best product.

Why such prestige?

There are several reasons for this. For a small price, you get 6 films for displaying your Apple Watch. Each of them is easy to install and there will be no bubbles, only a smooth surface.

They are completely transparent and you can use your smartwatch as if there is no film.

Another advantage – LK manufactures its products for any series of watches from Apple.

2. IQ Shield Apple Watch Screen Protector

Why is the company called IQShield?

The answer is that it specializes in smart gadget protection from scratches, bumps and other damage.

Let’s take a look at how such an apple watch screen protector can be so useful.

According to the manufacturer, it uses a special technology of self-healing. Such a product will serve you longer.

However, this is not all. Often, these products have one problem – some of them eventually turn yellow. IQShield coped with this problem and their films turn yellow long after all competitors.

Another nice thing is that the purchase includes installation spray, fabric and installation instructions.

3. Julk Apple Watch Screen Protector

For full protection, Apple Watch is better to buy a cover from Julk.

This company has high ratings and a lot of good feedback from buyers.

Why is Julk so loved?

Let’s take it in order. It is very easy for you to install it, just put a case on your smartwatch and everything is ready.

After that, you see that Julk apple watch screen protector fits perfectly under the Apple Watch case. Another cool feature- you do not immediately understand that there is something on the clock. Thanks to the transparent TPU material, Julk becomes invisible.

Impressive, right?

The functionality of the clock is fully preserved as there are cutouts for buttons and the control wheel. But remember that you need to choose the right cover size for your iWatch series.

4. FOHUAS Apple Watch Screen Protector

If you are afraid of hitting the screen of your smartwatch, then try a tempered glass from FOHUAS.

Unlike the film, this apple watch screen protector is thicker and is 0.25 mm, which makes it reliable from more serious damage. At the same time, the sensitivity of the display is preserved. You can easily use your gadget.

It also uses 3D technology. It allows FOHUAS to cover the watch display 100%.

Together with the two glasses are the necessary accessories for the installation and maintenance of the product.

5. ArmorSuit MilitaryShield Apple Watch Screen Protector

ArmorSuit MilitaryShield for Apple Watch is sturdy and long-lasting compared to other protective films. One film can last you for about three months. At the same time, there are six of them in the package. Plenty to last.

This is achieved through a combination of two beneficial properties.

First, it uses self-healing technology. It removes minor scratches and scuffs and keeps the look of the film as new for a long time.

Secondly, this apple watch screen protector is manufactured using a special technology using laser processing. Due to this, the film is ideal for the display and the corners of the film for a long time do not rise.

6. Smiling Clear Case Apple Watch Screen Protector

Another good protective case. Smiling is cheaper than its competitors, but its quality is not reduced.

Some protective covers from other manufacturers have a problem – liquid gets under them. With Smiling, you can be calm. It doesn’t matter if you wash your hands or play sports, not a drop of water or sweat gets on the protective cover. This is perfect for all a smart watch’s functions. The main consideration is to choose the right size.

This apple watch screen protector is made from fully transparent high-quality thermoplastic polyurethane and is practically unnoticeable.

7. Spigen Rugged Armor Apple Watch Screen Protector

If you want your smartwatch to look cool, then the Spigen case will suit you.

Its design is really interesting. You may think the smartwatch seems strong. That’s because it is. Like all good protective cases, Spigen is made from high-quality TPU and protects the Apple Watch case from strong shocks.

However, Spigen may have a drawback.

There is no screen protection. If you are not afraid of the display of your gadget, then Spigen will be the best solution – nothing more. Otherwise, you can purchase a protective film and use it all together.

You can find Spigen apple watch screen protector for any Apple Watch series in four colors: black, white, olive green and rose gold.

8. EFFUN Waterproof Apple Watch Screen Protector

In general, Apple Watch is a waterproof smartwatch from the second series already. However, with them, it is still undesirable to dive to great depths.

If you want to swim with your gadget while at the same time want it to be protected from bumps and scratches, then you better get a waterproof EFFUN case.

With it, you can dive to a depth of 6.6 feet and not be afraid for the ingress of fluid in the clock.

The case itself protects the entire surface of the smart gadget. Thanks to the two-layer construction of polycarbonate and thermoplastic polyurethane, it protects the smartwatch even from very strong shocks.

9. Penom Apple Watch Screen Protector

Another cheap but effective product.

The peculiarity of Penom is that the protection on the screen is thinner than on the case. That is, it fully protects your gadget, but at the same time, the excess is removed where possible.

It also provides all the correct holes and it does not interfere with charging.

You can find the Penom for any Apple Watch size in four colors: transparent, black, rose gold and space gray.

10. KINPEI Apple Watch Screen Protector

The thickest protective glass is KINPEI. It has a hardness of 9H, as the thickness is 0.3 mm. Believe me, this is enough to protect against a really strong blow.

However, somehow this thickness does not affect the work of your smartwatch. Install KINPEI on the display and use the gadget without any problems.

In addition to this, it uses a unique coating that prevents fingerprints on the screen and dirt. This will protect it for a long time.

Features To Look At When Choosing Best Apple Watch Screen Protector

Best Apple Watch Screen Protector

Security type

First, decide what you need.

Want to protect the display of your Apple Watch from scratches and scuffs? In this case, you’d better choose a protective film. As a rule, there are six of them in a package and that’s enough for you, on average, for a year. There may be problems with the installation, but if you are careful you will succeed.

If you want more serious protection, then choose the protective glass. It is thicker than a film and can protect not only from scratches but also from impact.

To fully protect your smartwatches, choose the protective case. It is easy to install and it covers the entire surface of the gadget. They have different color and design solutions, so you have plenty to choose from.

Compatibility with the Apple Watch series

Once you have chosen the type of protection, find out if it is compatible with your watch series. The incorrect size will not effectively protect the gadget.


Are apple watch screen protectors worth it?

No one is insured against accidents. Despite the fact that Apple Watch has a strong glass display, it would not be superfluous to purchase additional protection. If the price is a significant consideration, then one of the products can be used on average for about a year, which pays for itself very well for the price.

How much is the Apple Watch screen?

Repair costs about 200-300 dollars, depending on how badly the Apple Watch display is damaged.

You can purchase Apple Care for $ 49 and pay $ 69 plus a replacement tax. However, a protective film will cost you less.

Does the Apple Watch scratch easily?

The Apple Watch aluminum models are fitted with Ion-X tempered glass, similar to that used on the iPhone and iPad. According to the mineralogical scale of hardness (Mohs scale), its hardness is estimated to 7 points. This glass is well tolerated by blows but is easily scratched.

The Apple Watch steel models use sapphire crystal, which is as hard as 9 points on the Mohs scale. The harder the mineral, the less its flexibility, so the sapphire crystal is hard to scratch, but it can crack from a blow.


I hope you will no longer worry about the safety of your Apple Watch.

Now, I would like to hear from you: what did you prefer, a protective film or a cover?

Leave a response in the comments. You can also ask us questions and we will certainly answer you.

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